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Hi Guys,

               I think it’s time I told you something. As you can see I haven’t posted in months, I have been doing some thinking. I have really enjoyed posting but I think it’s time to call it a day. No one reads my posts and I never have enough time to post. I may come back later on in life but y’know, Asdfghjkl. I really want to tell you all my identity (When I say all I mean the one person who is going to be reading this back, Me)  But I don’t want to ruin it. Ah well. I also know I haven’t done many posts but I feel like I’ve told you so much. Apart from my name and all that. For anyone who is reading this or has read previous posts, thank you. Also thanks to everyone who has followed me on here and twitter! So this is goodbye,for now.

                   Blog you Soon,


Twitter Groups

Hi Guys, 

             It’s June and well… the weather in the UK isn’t so good, but anyway today my topic is Twitter! Not just twitter in general but Twitter Groups.

Twitter Groups

So there are 7 types of twitter groups…

  1. The Fans i.e. Fan Girls/Boys
  2. The Ranters
  3. The Fake Celebs
  4. The “Virus”
  5. The Curious
  6. The Peacocks
  7. The Background

Group 1: The Fans

So on twitter you have the “fans” the fans are a bunch of overly obsessed girls or boys who just constantly tweet about they’re favourite group or person. They spend nearly all day stalking celebrities profiles and half of the time causing trouble. They send hate to other celebrities and say how much they love that one group or band. Let’s take Directioners as an example, Now don’t get me wrong half of the Directioners on twitter are half decent. But seriously come on! The other half just cause Twitter feuds and try and act superior. Now.. Before you go all sassy on me and be like “OH GIRL! HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT! YOU TOAD!” I’m also a fan. Yes it’s true.. apart from the causing trouble part. I sit on my laptop all day and just wait for a member of The Wanted to post something so don’t think that I’m just complaining about fans and how annoying they’re because I’m also referring to myself.

Group 2: The Ranters

I applaud you! You can find something wrong with everything from books to the sky. Like seriously, you should have a medal. P.S I’m not being sarcastic. I genuinely enjoy reading tweets about how “the sky is too blue for my liking.” It entertains me, I may as well just sit at my laptop eating popcorn refreshing my feed all day. So thanks for making the world a funnier place.

Group 3: Fake Celebs

Okay.. You don’t understand how annoying these accounts are. So it’s a typical day.. You’re sitting at your laptop fangirling over The Wanted and then BAM! You have a notification, “The Wanted started following you.” You flip your laptop in the air and immediately start crying. You take screenshots of it saying they follow you and then it clicks. The account isn’t verified. All of a sudden you also fit into group 2. You send out mass tweets about how angry you are about how you thought someone famous followed you. And then your day is ruined. Thank’s a lot fake accounts.. thanks a lot.

Group 4: The “Virus”

So some of you are probably think what the hell, but you’ll find out in a minute. The “Virus” the problem to our laptops automatically shutting down or downloading stupid files. These accounts live to destroy your computer. They send you stupid links either through a tweet or through your DM. ( Don’t know what a DM is.. look it up) At this time I feel sorry for all the gullible people in the world who think someone is tweeting about them or that they’re going to win an IPad. Don’t be fooled, they’re just trying to destroy your life. Taking away the only thing you can call home. The Internet.

Group 5: The Curious

Let’s just keep this short and brief. You create a account and then never use it, when in reality you sit there watching people’s profile. Just remember that it sounds extremely stalker-ish.

Group 6: The Peacocks

Confused? Basically group 6 is people who just rely on followers, re-tweets and favourites. It’s ridiculous they live for the attention and delete a tweet if it doesn’t get any re-tweets. Grow up.

Group 7: The Background

So we have strolled along to the final Group, The Background. I guess most of you reading this are the background. The Background are the people who are just there, who use twitter for what it is, A social networking site. Not to stalk people or to Rant but to tweet your opinions and what you like. I’m also this one :’) 

Hope you have enjoyed reading this! Comment below which groups you’re. Or tweet me using #ATwitterGroup 

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Hi Guys,

           I’ve been so busy recently with my exams and events! But I will try and get back with the program. The next few weeks are going to be so hectic and I doubt I will post. So here’s an update!

          I have decided what job I want! I want to be an event planner! Before this I came up with running a camp. I would have loved to continue this idea but it would be hard to fund and everything. During the next few weeks I have my GCSE’s! AHA Stressful! 😦 Wish me luck! And then.. It’s my birthday on Sunday! I’m so excited! 

I hope I can post more often, I feel like i’m letting you all down! 

Blog you soon,



Hi Guys,

             Haven’t posted in a while and I’m sorry but things have been super busy! D: I’m glad that my first few posts have had a good response and hopefully so will the future ones!:D 33 Hits so far! To be honest I never thought I would even get 1!

            I would like to thank all of the people who have had a little glance at my blog! I just wish I had more time to post 😦 It’s hard to think that my last post was weeks ago! If you follow me on twitter (@newyorkcalls) you should see that for the past few days I have been saying that I will post and I’m deeply sorry I hadn’t done it sooner! 

           A lot has gone on since I last blogged so be prepared for some interesting posts! I would also like to apologise about this post… This post isn’t exactly what I wanted to blog about today but I felt like I had to apologise. I will try and post more often! And again I’m sorry.

          Blog you soon,


7 Traits In People That Grill My Cheese!


So for my final topic of the evening I thought I would rant a bit 🙂 I mean who doesn’t like a bit of ranting! Unless you are some sort of happy child who never moans or has never been a teenager. Moving on.. My final topic tonight is 7 traits in people I detest or (grills my cheese).  Here we go…

When people are…

  1. Rude – I don’t think I am the only one who hates this!
  2. Liars – People who lie for no reason what so ever!
  3. Self-Absorbed
  4. Racist – Some of my friends have this trait and it really grills my cheese!
  5. Judgmental
  6. Negative – When people see the downside to everything.. no.. just leave.
  7. Over-Confident

Thank you for reading my list of traits that grill my cheese.. Comment below 7 traits that grills your cheese or even pushes your buttons.. which either one tickles your fancy! Oh my goodness, this is so cheesy…

Blog you soon,


My Bucket List!


     For my second topic of the evening, I shall be talking about my bucket list! I remember making bucket lists when I was younger, I would say how I would like to meet a unicorn or Santa! Obviously I’ve grown up a bit since then so hopefully my options have changed… Let’s begin!

1. Visit New York! Who wouldn’t want to visit this amazing city (unless you of course completely despise the place!)
2. Go to University
3. Travel the World
4. To always keep in contact with my friends, if I’m living away
5. To always do what I love. For example: Singing, acting, etc.
6. To do well in school (my main priority currently)
7. To have my own house, so that nobody can tell me to clean my room! (Sorry Mum…)
8. To make my life worth-while
9. Meet my idols
10. To never forget who my real friends are and who were always there for me
That seems to be all that’s on my bucket list, for now, I’m glad they’ve changed from when I was younger…
      There will be another post up this evening, so keep your eyes peeled!
Blog you soon!

If I had a Million Pounds…

     Today I shall be discussing what I would do with a million pounds! I would love to have a million pounds, but I don’t think I will win the lottery anytime soon! Plus, I don’t have a job. So the only way I could actually get money is by saving it all, and by the time I save up a million pounds, well, I would have kicked the bucket…
      Anyway, if I were being optimistic, and say I did win the lottery or get a well-paying job or save up enough before the bucket is kicked, there would be a few things I would do. Firstly, I’d support my parents financially, like pay their bills… and stuff. (They need it more than I do, right now). Secondly, I would donate some to various charities:) Finally, I would save the rest for a rainy day or maybe spend a lot of it on friends (I’d just say it’s every birthday, Christmas, etc. present in one, I’m so scabby!) Anyway, moving on vastly…

          This post was quite short but don’t worry, there are another two posts on the way because of the length of this post! So keep an eye out for those!
Blog you soon,





   Today I decided to blog about YouTubers! I gotta say I LOVE YouTube there are so many inspirational people who give great advice and are extremely brave to post videos! I once spent all day from 10am – 2am on YouTube. Now is it me or do I need some sort of help! Come on who spends that long on YouTube and about 90% of the time it’s watching cat videos. The other 10% is actually watching people like JacksGap, ghero46, Connor Franta, PointlessBlog and JuicyStar07 and not possessed cat’s that can dance. I think it’s an amazing site but there are some down sides to it.

      I have this friend, Milly. She has always wanted to make Youtube videos and one day she had the confidence and did! I was so proud of her! But she didn’t want to tell anyone because she was to nervous about what people would say about her. Milly made about 5 Videos and one of my other friends found her account. Milly then deleted the videos and I felt so sorry for her because she had over a hundred views and about 20 subscribes, She was afraid of what people may think of her.

      I know Milly was lacking in confidence and so am I, It’s awful to think that having to speak in front of someone may bring you down or make you think differently of yourself. This is why I like YouTubers. They are an example for everyone, they have the confidence to post videos and somehow not care what people think about them. I just wish Milly could have the confidence like PointlessBlog and JuicyStar07 to do what she loves and not care what anyone else thinks. I wish her luck and hope she continues doing what she loves, Good Luck!

This blog wasn’t as long as my first one.. I don’t know if that is a good thing but ah well! Remember to comment below different topics I could post about!

      Blog you soon,


And always remember: “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” – Helen Keller

My first blog


As you know this is my first blog. I’m kind of new to all of this and at first I had no idea what I was going to blog about. I decided that I wanted to blog about something that I care about, I have a passion for and the first thing that popped into my head was New York. The city that doesn’t sleep. I’m still debating what I am going to say about New York. Whether it’s going to be about the city in general or what I am going to face to try and reach New York. I also decided that this blog was going to be about me, my life and some life lessons along the way. Not that I’m any good at giving advice.

Back onto the subject of New York, I don’t know whether it’s the thrill of the city and all of the opportunities it would bring but there is something that draws me to it. I would love to go there and be on Broadway since acting is a passion of mine but in New York there are so many talented people who may have more experience than I do. If that plan doesn’t go ahead though I have always had a secret dream that I have told no one and I guess posting this is telling someone, I hope. I have always wanted to be a fashion designer especially when I was younger. My friends and I use to make magazines called “Fashion Police”. Cheesy I know and the sad part about it is that I came up with the idea. Coincidentally there is now a TV show called Fashion Police.

Even if I admit so myself I was an ambitious child, I would have dreams beyond my wildest imagination such as becoming a giraffe which I knew wasn’t going to happen. I wanted to be a Radio Producer, Singer, Astronaut, President and more and defeating these dreams was my sister.

When I was younger I loved spending time with my sister and for now we shall call her Lisa. Lisa was a great sister and role model, till I got to the age of 10. I noticed things started to change, she didn’t want to play with me and talk to me anymore. I assumed this was because of our 6 year age gap, Lisa being older. Even though I didn’t talk to her as much she still inspired me! She inspired me to work harder in school and always try my best. But ever since she left for University all my mother talks about is how much she misses her and how she can’t wait to see her. When Lisa comes home for a weekend it’s always about how well she is doing and how smart she is, it really annoys me. I feel like there is a lot of pressure and my mum has high standards because of how well she is doing, It really grills my cheese.

I don’t really have anything else to say now, I’m all blogged out… Hope you have enjoyed reading this. I will be signing my post with an A. It stands for Anonymous which is what I want these posts to be. Hope you understand. I will not be posting on set times or dates because I am hopeless with timetables.

Blog you soon,